Growing Up

We’ve all grown up a bit since our time delivering backpacks to the homeless for Little Blessings. And we’ve all started college and jobs, thinking forward to what we might be when we grow up.

For myself, I’m leaning towards something in the Beauty World, perhaps taking a turn at an aesthetics school here in Arizona. I’m definitely interested in helping other people, and learning to work in the cosmetology field is certainly a consideration.

According to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, it takes quite a while to train fora new career in cosmetology. Currently the hours stack up like this:

1600 hours for a Cosmetologist License

600 hours for an Esthetician License

600 hours for a Nail Technician License

1500 hours for a Barber License

That’s a lot of work, but well worth the effort as far as I’m concerned.