Working with McDowell Mountain Community Church For Donations

Lauren Moe, seen in the photo above, had an idea to give a little back to the community, and working with a small army of us, she and the Youth Directors at McDowell Mountain Community Church got together to get to work on her idea.

Eventually there were more than 50 of us that volunteered, and the church and staff were gracious enough to allow us to use of their facilities to store all of our give-away items before actually  hitting the streets.

All told we bought, were gifted, and had donated enough goods and consumables to fill 100 backpacks. It took some time, but we worked for two weeks to collect, organize, and distribute the bags.

Each backpack was filled with essentials like socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and washcloths as well as consumables like granola bars, water bottles, candy, and other snacks.

Parents and our Youth Directors drove us into Phoenix and outlying areas where we could distribute our goodies and everyone had a great time.

Thank you all for contributing to our success with your donations, your time, and your enthusiasm!


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